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Barrel Mosaic Shopify Theme
Mosaic is our latest theme for the Shopify Theme Store.

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that provides a hosted solution for business owners who want to sell products online. We built our first Shopify website for a client back in 2009, and we’ve made several more since then. As a services provider, we appreciate that Shopify takes care of a lot of the infrastructure and system-related functions of an e-commerce website, allowing us to focus on the user experience and design.

A good example of what is possible on Shopify can be see at Gitman Bros., a Shopify-based website that we launched in 2015. It was recognized as a Site of the Day on

Barrel Seasons Shopify Theme Examples
Some of our customers’ websites using the Seasons theme. Seasons was our first ever Shopify theme.

In addition to providing design and development services for Shopify websites, we’ve been releasing and supporting Shopify themes over the years. For businesses that want a more DIY and budget-friendly option, the Shopify Theme Store offers pre-made templates that can easily be customized. Since 2013, over 1,800 businesses have bought our themes. We’ve been amazed to see our themes out in the wild, where they’ve been used to sell everything from jewelry, to furniture, to sporting equipment.

In December 2015, we released our third Shopify theme. It’s called Mosaic, and it is a beautiful and flexible theme that is especially effective for businesses with great images of their products. We’re already seeing some spectacular uses of the theme by our customers.

Mosaic comes in three different presets: Mulberry, a fashion/clothing store; Gesso, a portfolio/art gallery; and Oak, a furniture/crafts store. The presets are meant to help theme customers quickly get their store up and running, especially if they’re down to keeping the default styles and focusing on swapping out images and text.

Barrel Mosaic theme presets for Shopify.
Barrel Mosaic theme presets include one for fashion, one for art, and another for furniture.

Our design approach for Mosaic was to keep the look as clean and minimal as possible, making it a favorable container for featuring beautiful product images.  The theme gets its name from the way we allow store owners to lay out their product photos using differently sized images.

Mosaic Shopify theme product image layout.
The Mosaic theme gets its name from the way store owners can lay out their product images on the homepage.
Mosaic theme category view on Shopify.
The Mosaic theme allows store owners to feature categories and select products on the homepage.
Mosaic Shopify theme product page layout.
The Mosaic theme’s product pages are minimal and feature a unique layout for showing product images.

With e-commerce on mobile growing significantly each year, we spent quite a bit of time optimizing and tweaking the responsive behavior of the Mosaic theme. The result is a smooth and intuitive experience that makes it easy for customers to shop on their smartphones.

Mosaic Shopify theme mobile responsive view.
Views of the Mosaic theme’s Oak preset in a mobile-optimized view.

We’re very excited about the release of the Mosaic Shopify theme. And as with all of our themes, we provide exceptional support for customers. In addition to our quick-response support team, our Barrel Shopify Center features a detailed Knowledge Base full of answers to your most common questions as well as an inspiration showcase of stores using our themes.

Barrel Shopify Center for theme customer support.
Our Barrel Shopify Center features a Knowledge Base for each theme as well as customer examples.

Want to learn more? Check out the Mosaic theme on the Shopify Theme Store. Our theme Weekend is also available on the Theme Store. Seasons is no longer available on the Theme Store but can be purchased via the Barrel Shopify Center.

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