Project Roundup: Vermont Smoke & Cure and KIND UK


For this edition of Project Roundup, we’re featuring our recent work for Vermont Smoke & Cure, a conscious meat company based in Vermont, and KIND UK, the United Kingdom’s branch of KIND Snacks.

Vermont Smoke & Cure

This past October, we launched Vermont Smoke & Cure’s redesigned website along with a new Shopify store. Vermont Smoke & Cure was gearing up to unveil entirely new branding, so it was the perfect time for a website redesign.

We used video and animation to create an immersive experience.

Working with Vermont Smoke & Cure’s new brand guidelines, we utilized intricate wood grain patterns, bold colors, and high-quality photography to tell Vermont Smoke & Cure’s story.

We created a website with rich-media to highlight Vermont Smoke & Cure’s uniquely “Vermont” sensibility. We also wanted to showcase the care that goes into every one of their products.

Vermont Smoke & Cure’s About page features a long-scroll media-rich story of the brand and their values.

We also created a unique solution for Vermont Smoke & Cure’s e-commerce by integrating a Shopify store into their new online experience. The Shopify store is linked directly from the main website’s product pages. This e-commerce solution allows for an easy online buying experience.


KIND is a healthy snacks brand with a great social mission: do the kind thing for your body, your taste buds, and your world™. We’ve worked with KIND in the past on a variety of projects for their US market. This time, we launched KIND UK’s website in conjunction with the brand’s expansion into the United Kingdom.

KIND-Product Individual

KIND UK’s site features completely new product pages. Each product page clearly states the product’s ingredients and nutritional information.


We designed the product pages to be graphic, clear, and concise.

The new KIND UK website also features an easy way to find the products in store. This design is easily scalable, so the list will be able to grow along with KIND’s presence in the UK.

We used retailer logos in a grid format because we wanted users to easily find and recognize where they can buy products.

We are excited to continue to help KIND evolve their web presence, both here in the US and abroad!

Need help on a project that requires branding, UX design, or a technology solution? Get in touch, and we’ll let you know if we’re a good fit or point you toward someone that can help.

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