Project Roundup: Gitman Brothers, TestRocker, and Columbia Chemistry


For this edition of Project Roundup we’re featuring our recent work for Gitman Brothers, TestRocker, and Columbia Chemistry.


Gitman Brothers is a shirt brand that is synonymous with a rich heritage of American manufacturing. With roots tracing back to the 1930s, Gitman remains one of the few shirt makers with all of their production based in the USA.

We worked with Gitman to redesign and build their website on Shopify. Our overall goal was to engage customers by showcasing Gitman’s heritage through effective brand storytelling.

The homepage showcases Gitman’s product range while reflecting the refined personality of the brand.

We also focused on enhancing the e-commerce experience to increase product appeal and boost sales.

We crafted an engaging details section that highlights Gitman’s process and quality for each product page.

We improved the site structure by reorganizing the product lines and content. We also redesigned the made-to-order experience, creating an easy and delightful process for users to follow– from choosing a fabric to deciding on a final fit.

Illustrations by Michael Hoeweler are featured throughout the site and on the Made to Order page.

Gitman’s Shopify website is fully responsive, making it easy for customers to order Gitman products on their phones and tablets.



TestRocker is a leading and comprehensive online SAT/ACT prep program that empowers students with personalized and fun learning. Started by Suniti Mathur, an expert private tutor with more than sixteen years of experience, the web app has helped countless students increase their standardized test scores in a short amount of time.

TestRocker has been a client since 2012, collaborating with Barrel from the original build to the latest addition – an updated SAT 2016 program to prepare students for changes in standardized tests.

We updated the enrollment options so that students can purchase the New SAT program individually or in combination with the existing ACT program.
The purchase path is for current students is simple and seamless.
The new SAT Diagnostic section prepares students for the updated test format and scoring logic.

With these updates, students will continue to have 24/7 access to hundreds of questions, each with tips and an explanation video.

The new Study Plan tour onboards new users by explaining the different sections of the dashboard when they first sign in.

This new update also includes a mastery level column to indicate how well a student performed in a module.

Depending on the student’s performance, the mastery levels key provides advice on how to proceed through the TestRocker web app.

Columbia Chemistry
Columbia University is one of the world’s most important centers of research. For more than a century, the Columbia Chemistry Department has played a major role in the development of the study of chemistry in the U.S. The department aims to train new generations of scientists who will take leadership positions in research and teaching.

We worked with Columbia Chemistry to redesign and redevelop the Columbia Chemistry website on WordPress. Our goal was to promote Columbia Chemistry as one of the foremost chemistry departments in the world. We did this by exhibiting Columbia Chemistry’s research and education programs.

The homepage features an engaging video of different chemical reactions.

For Columbia Chemistry to recruit the best students, we had to increase user engagement on the website. We did this by implementing bold interactive design and reorganizing content to make vital information easier to find. As a university website, our collaboration also emphasized an intuitive CMS experience for the staff.

Faculty, Staff, and Students are now clearly organized with accessible contact information.

Previously, student-led seminar groups were not a part of the Columbia Chemistry website, making the groups difficult for students to find and follow. With our redesign, each student-led seminar group now has a place on the Columbia Chemistry website. Each group can keep their events updated, feature their officers, and provide external resource links for their fellow students.

Every student-led seminar group now has their own page within the Columbia Chemistry website.

The Columbia Chemistry website is also fully responsive, seamlessly translating the impactful desktop experience to tablet and mobile.


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